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Testing the Waters of Liquid Cooling with Asetek ServerLSL

Trends in chipset wattage, rack density and the need for sustained un-throttled throughput have made it clear that liquid cooling will be a centerpiece for HPC data centers sooner rather than later.  HPC sites in particular are facing issues that purely air cooled servers and cutting edge air cooled data centers will be unable to address for high density HPC clusters.In some cases, higher performance CPUs and GPUs packed into high density server racks exceed the ability of air flow to provide sufficient cooling. In fact, stopgaps such as hot aisle/cold aisle and rear doors are already hitting limits. Beyond basic cooling requirements, there are subtler limitations inside air cooled data centers. For example, CPU throttling results in reduced overall compute throughput and sustained heat loads decrease reliability. Usages such as high frequency trading depend on nodes that can be overclocked without worrying about throttling or reliability.There can also be tactical issues for many who…