State Department’s Unclassified Email Is Down

The State Department’s unclassified email system is experiencing a worldwide outage, according to multiple press reports.

Details are sparse, but statements by State Department officials to multiple media outlets claim the outage was not caused by “any external action or interference.”

As of publication time, officials are working to restore service. Other communications systems were apparently not affected. The system serves more than 60,000 foreign and civil service employees.

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Late last year, the State Department was dinged by Congress for poorly implementing IT reform practices mandated by federal law.

Chief Information Officer Frontis Wiggins told Nextgov in a March interview that the department had undertaken a significant effort to modernize its older information technology systems, which take up a disproportionate portion of State’s tech spending.

This isn’t the first time State Department has experienced a massive email outage. In 2014, the State Department’s email system was shut down for several days after a breach by Russian hackers.

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