Hypnotic Dirge Records Showcase by Another Metal Podcast

Welcome to a special showcase episode where I spotlight past and current releases from Hypnotic Dirge Records. This is a companion episode to my interview with Nicolas Skog on the website, he's the founder and head of Hypnotic Dirge Records, a cornerstone label for underground black, doom, and experimental metal. It is part of my ongoing Moving Metal interview series, and you might remember a similar showcase for Black Lion Records a few months ago. Playlist: Orphans of Dusk - Nibelheim (1:15) The Foetal Mind - The Big Crunch (7:51) Thrawsunblat - She, Arboreal (13:59) Aerial Ruin - Burn the Season (19:03) Dolven - Inhale (23:02) Netra - Everything’s Fine (29:00) Subterranean Disposition - Embittered (34:18) None - Wither (44:16) Mavradoxa - Across the Nival Grove (54:29)

TOP 10/10 :: ★★★★★

Little Honey (Reproduced by Sam McCarthy-Holt) by Jode Gannon

Valgorect Inc. is Going to Produce a Gel for Hallux Valgus Treatment

LONDYN – Emerytura Heavy Metalu by Grzegorz Drymer

Little Honey (Mastered Version) by Jode Gannon

Don't Blame Me (Mastered Version) by Jode Gannon

The Way It Goes (Mastered Version) by Jode Gannon