Slow and Steady by Andy_Richmond

Been listening to a lot of Devin Townsend lately. Down tuned the Ibanez Artist and Ibanez bass to open C and got busy channeling Devin. This is one of my 'learn-how-to-use-REAPER-and-VST-plugins' beginner tracks. KONTAKT 5, BIAS FX. I have a day job so, set your expectation accordingly. :)

TOP 10/10 :: ★★★★★

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Little Honey (Reproduced by Sam McCarthy-Holt) by Jode Gannon

LONDYN – Emerytura Heavy Metalu by Grzegorz Drymer

Little Honey (Mastered Version) by Jode Gannon

Don't Blame Me (Mastered Version) by Jode Gannon

The Way It Goes (Mastered Version) by Jode Gannon